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Alfriston & Cuckmere Valley Historical Society 2024 events

All to be held in the War Memorial Hall


Thursday 21st March 7.30pm - “Sussex Smuggling” by Susan Ashcroft


Thursday 18th April 7.30pm - AGM followed by “How Great was Alexander of Macedon?” by Daniel Merceron


Thursday 16th May 7.30pm - “The Piltdown Man” by Vernon Reynolds


Thursday 13th June 6.00pm - Dinner followed by “The Morse Code: Deciphering Britain’s Favourite TV Detective” by Pete Allen


Thursday 19th September 7.30pm - “Scattered Squalor: Downland Homes” by Geoffrey Mead


Thursday 17th October 7.30pm - “Fabricating Lureland: The Origins of Peacehaven” by Julia Winckler


Thursday 14th November 7.30pm - “The Chanctonbury Ring: The Story of a Sussex Landmark” by Janet Pennington


Thursday 12th December 5.00pm - Christmas Social Event

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